Projects - Precision Machining, Wire EDM, CNC, Grinding and Prototypes
Projects - Precision Machining, Wire EDM, CNC, Grinding and Prototypes

Projects - Precision Machining, Wire EDM, CNC, Grinding and Prototypes

Precision Machining: Custom machining of hardened tool steel Components
Client: Component and Tooling Manufacturer / Monroe, North Carolina

We build machine components and tooling for a manufacturer of special machines used to make bent wire products. Components are intricate parts made from hardened tool steels. This customer is located in Monroe, NC.

Precision Machining: Wire EDM
Client: Tool Modifications / Belmont and Charlotte, North Carolina

We use our EDM machines for several customers to modify standard cutting tools. Because we start with tools that are already hardened and ground, the customer is able to save time and money to manufacture them. These customers are located in Belmont, NC and Charlotte, NC.

Precision Machining: Wire EDM, Grinding, Cutting
Client: Optics Manufacturer/ Charlotte, North Carolina

We make accurate fixturing and tooling for an optics manufacturer in Charlotte, NC. The tooling is used in the process of growing, cutting, and polishing crystals that are a key component in making lasers. This is a project mainly for our tool room, where we mill, turn, and surface grind the parts for the fixture. Often times, the tooling requires long, straight holes with a small diameter, which we are able to put in using EDM. Certain features on the parts are measured to an accuracy of .0002” in parallelism and squareness.

Precision Machining: CNC Turning, CNC Machining, Grinding
Client: Hardened Steel Parts / Shelby, North Carolina

We make Clevis Pins out of hardened tool steels for a company in Shelby, NC. These pins become part of tools used to rescue people trapped in vehicles following accidents. These pins are CNC Turned using a bar-fed turning center, for better through-put, then they are hardened, and ground to H7 tolerances on the diameter. The customer was pleased to find a new source for Centerless Grinding. They are happy with Omega's quality and delivery. Pricing was in line with expectations.

Precision Machining: CNC Machining
Client: Gun Manufacturer / Charlotte, North Carolina

Omega makes a small aluminum component for a gun manufacturer in Charlotte, NC. The part is made in two operations on a CNC machining center. The runs are generally 1000-2000 pieces at a time. Dimensions need to be to print and the parts have to have a flawless finish as appearance is critical.

Precision Machining: CNC Lathe with Live Tooling and a Brooching Attachment
Client: Energy Generation Equipment manufacturer / Rock Hill, South Carolina

We manufacture a family of special Eccentric Shoulder Bolts made of 4140 Steel, hardened to Rc 28-32, and then black oxided. We run small to medium lot sizes of 100-1000 pieces. The machine we use to make these parts is a CNC Lathe with Live Tooling and a Brooching Attachment, allowing complete machining of these parts in two set ups. This ensures quality parts from run to run and keeps costs down.

We coordinate the hardening and finishing processes with outside vendors so the customer does not have to deal with multiple vendors for one part. The customer is an Energy Generation Equipment manufacturer in Rock Hill, South Carolina. They are very pleased with price, quality, and delivery.

Precision Machining: CNC Milling, CNC Turning and custom metal Plating for welding equipment components, Inventory parts
Client: Custom Machine Builder / Mooresville, North Carolina

We machine a whole variety of components that are made for an automated welding equipment systems manufacturer. The components include everything from simple Washers to Housings that require 10 separate set ups on CNC Milling and CNC Turning Centers. We partner with local Heat Treaters, Platers, and custom Plating Specialists to give our customer a completed part. Materials used are 303 Stainless Steel, 6061 Aluminum, 17-4 PH, and A2 Tool Steel. The customer is a custom machine builder in Mooresville, North Carolina. We inventory parts as well for these components so that parts are ready when needed. Larger size runs help keep costs low as well.

Precision Machining: Custom extruding die
Client: Electronics Manufacturer / Charlotte, North Carolina

We machine a family of simple aluminum Spacers for an electronics manufacturer in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Inside Diameter and outside diameter are always the same on this group of parts but the overall length varies with each order. We had a custom extruding die made and purchased a large quantity of aluminum tubing in advance so that we could offer quick turn around and aggressive pricing on this simple spacer. Order quantities are generally 500- 3000 pieces.

Precision Machining: Wire EDM
Client: Steam Turbine manufacturer / Charlotte, North Carolina

We cut windows out of a sleeve for a Steam Turbine manufacturer, one of the largest Energy companies in the world. We use one of our 3 Wire EDM machines to cut out the windows. The main sleeve is hardened and ground and needs to be cut stress free. Our customer experimented with many different machining methods, but none has been as successful as Wire EDM. The expensive components require extreme care as they are nearly complete when they arrive. This job also involves short notice and demanding turnaround times. There is no room for error. This Energy company is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Precision Machining: Wire EDM for prototypes and production runs
Client: Multi-National Security Company / Charlotte, North Carolina

We make a special custom screw driver used to remove anti-theft cables placed on electronics. These cables are used by most big box electronics stores. Omega made the prototypes and then the initial production runs with production quantities of 6000 at a time. The customer took the production runs to China at one point but could not get an acceptable quality in the final part. We came up with a hybrid solution where the customer now provides us with standard screw drivers bought cost effectively from overseas, and we modify them to meet the customer specifications. The customer gets the low price and the part they need. Our customer, a multi-national security company, is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Precision Machining: CNC Turning
Client: Medical Instrument Mfg / Rochester, NY

We make a small threaded and knurled nut made of Nitronic 60 for a medical instrument manufacturer. This part is made in two operations on a CNC turning center. Material Certification is required and we perform 100% inspection on critical features. This part is run in lots of 500. The customer is in Rochester, NY.

Precision Machining: CNC Router
Client: Retail Jewelry Store chain / Concord, North Carolina and Florida

We manufacture custom aluminum door handles for a retail jewelry store chain. In previous attempts they were unable to get the look they wanted using a CNC Router because the pattern was too intricate. We took their design and our machining expertise and gave them what they were looking for. We did a minor redesign, and successfully made these parts with milling machines. These handles are then chrome plated to make them shine. The customer was delighted that the door handle kits we made went together perfectly and had the look and feel that they wanted. They look forward to opening 50 more retail stores in the coming year across the country. Our customer is located in Concord, NC and has another location in Florida.

Precision Machining: Wire EDM, Conventional EDM, and an EDM Hole Drill
Client: Nuclear Power / Concord, North Carolina

We manufacture custom components used for Ultrasonic Testing in the Nuclear Power Industry. These calibration blocks are used to simulate flaws found in the piping systems and the vessels in nuclear power plants. Omega uses Wire EDM, Conventional EDM, and an EDM Hole Drill to intentionally put features in parts, simulating flaws that can naturally occur. Technicians use these calibration blocks for training purposes. It teaches them to identify real life cracks or damage that is otherwise obscured or hard to detect in a nuclear power plant. Wire EDM technology allows us to create features in these parts that cannot be machined conventionally. This work often requires creative solutions to put a crack with specific geometry in the middle of a part. This customer is an expert on welding procedures required to build and maintain a nuclear power plant. They are located in Concord, NC.

Precision Machining: RAM EDM
Client: Bearing Manufacturer / North and South Carolina

We work with a high volume Bearing Manufacturer that is using Eddy Current Testing to locate flaws in tapered roller bearing pins. Omega generates nearly microscopic flaws on customer supplied pins using RAM EDM. These pins are then run through the customer’s manufacturing process as a test to verify that their inspection equipment can detect the defective pins. This customer has multiple locations in North and South Carolina.

Precision Machining: EDM and Grinding
Client: Engineering firm / Atlanta, Georgia

We work with an Engineering firm in the Atlanta area that designs and builds special machines mainly for the paper and pulp industry. They use us both for overflow work, due to the cyclical nature of their business, and to manufacture the more intricate parts that use processes that we are expert at such as EDM and Grinding. The parts we make for them are always different, low volume, and seldom repeat. They like us for our flexibility, versatility, quick response and reasonable pricing. They know that they can get a quality job on short notice.

Precision Machining: CNC, manual machines and prototypes
Client: Manufacturing Engineering and Packaging Team for Pharmaceuticals / Lincolnton, North Carolina

We work with the Manufacturing Engineering and Packaging Team of a pharmaceutical company to make parts for their factory production lines. This includes making repair parts to keep production lines running, improving existing components to prevent future disruptions. For example, we collaborated with engineers to design and build a fool-proof plug to prevent product spills. We first built a prototype to prove the concept and then built 8 more plugs to be installed on their processing tanks. Parts were small assemblies made of 316 stainless steel, machined using various CNC and manual machines . This customer is in Lincolnton, NC.


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Projects - Precision Machining, Wire EDM, CNC, Grinding and Prototypes
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