CNC Milling

Machining Complex Geometries

CNC Milling is a way to perform multiple milling and drilling operations in one set up. We can set up and program small to medium size runs quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. With CNC milling we make accurate high quality parts consistently. We routinely use Fusion and Mastercam to program from customer supplied CAD files. What is drawn by your engineers will be machined on our machines without discrepancies. This also allows us to machine complex geometries that may be nearly impossible to dimension.

When the job is finished, programs are saved so that the same parts on subsequent orders are identical. We run 7 CNC machining centers with 3 or 4 axis capability. Our largest machine has 20″ X 50″ of travel.

Types of parts made: housings, plates, brackets, frames, rails, links, prototypes – any components generally rectangular in shape.

We do Vertical CNC Machining and high quality precision machining for our custmers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia and across the US!

CNC Milling Photo Gallery